Think You’re Not Creative?

This blog post is adapted from a chapter in my first book The One Year Designer Genes Devo, a 52-week devotional for preteen girls that was published in 2007 and is now out of print, though you can still find it online from resellers. (And I still have many copies, so let me know if you’d like one! They’re $10 each plus shipping, and all profits go toward the mission work my family does in Armenia.)

You are creative! You don’t have to enjoy painting or writing to be creative. The American Heritage Dictionary defines creative as “having the ability or power to create; productive; characterized by originality and expressiveness; and imaginative.” That means that even if you don’t like art or music, you can still express your own creativity.

Creativity can mean coming up with new and interesting ways to do old things, or taking something old and making it look new and fresh. Creativity can mean solving difficult problems or puzzles because you’ve thought about it in a different way, or inventing things.


Try Something New…

This weekend, pick at least one of these activities and give your creative “muscles” some exercise. Do these on your own, with a friend or with your kids.

  • Make up a secret language just for you and your best friend (or siblings, or kids, etc.)
  • Think of 10 unusual things you can do with a spoon. (My niece turned a long one into a bracelet!)
  • Grab a book, turn to any page, and write down every tenth word until you have at least 15 words. Then make up a story using those words.
  • Make up five new “holidays” that you think would be fun to celebrate. Go a step further and plan a party or celebration for one of your holidays.
  • Make yourself a sandwich that’s completely different from anything you’ve had before, or a meal where everything is the same colour. (Yesterday I was shopping with a friend and we saw a lunch bag with these words on it: Fruit. Salad. Sandwich. Dessert. I thought, I wonder what a fruit salad sandwich dessert would taste like? Maybe I’ll try making one. Ha!)
  • Come up with a list of interesting things your family can do during a power failure.
  • Make up a word puzzle about creativity.
  • Take a favourite book or short story and rewrite the ending, giving it a completely different spin.
  • Identify your least favourite chore and then “invent” a gadget or machine that would do that chore for you. What would you call it?

God created all the wonderful things we see in the world. He also created people in His image. That means your designer genes contain the ability to imagine and create and design, too! Of course, you don’t have the same wisdom and power that God does, but you can thank Him for the creativity He’s given you and use it to please Him.

Here are some Bible verses and journal prompts to get you thinking some more about how you’ve been created creative.

  • Isaiah 40:26 – How do you feel when you read about the care with which God created the universe?
  • Ephesians 4:22-24 – Finish this sentence: I believe that God created me to… 
  • Deuteronomy 8:17-18 – Why should you be humble about your creativeness?
  • Psalm 127:1 – Why should you ask God for help with your ideas and the projects you work on?
  • Psalm 19:1-3 – How do you know about God’s awesome creativity?
  • Hebrews 3:3 – If you are more important than the things you create, invent or make, what should your attitude be toward God who created you?
  • Jeremiah 10:14-15 – Finish this sentence: Dear God, please help me not to value the things I create too much because… 

I’d love it if some of you came back and told me about how you used your creativity this weekend!

Have a great day,



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