Delightful Diversions #2

Here’s another collection of interesting things I’ve picked up during my online travels—a few useful ones, and a few that are simply amusing. 🙂 (I shared another batch a few weeks ago here.)

Klever Keyboard Kombos

Sorry, Mac users, this is not for you.

Do you know what all the Function keys (F1 to F12) on your keyboard are for? They are actually quite handy if you know when to use them! You might want to hang onto this simple chart:

I use my computer mouse less often than others, I’ve observed. That’s because I long ago memorized keyboard shortcuts that I find much quicker than reaching for my mouse and then positioning the cursor at just the right spot and then clicking to do something as simple as print a page or switch windows. How many of these keyboard combinations do you know and use? There might be a few that you hadn’t discovered yet. Check it out!

For Those of You Who Sew (or don’t but like to know how things work)

197a64b1e7ee21e11b17cae46b55cf5127a711fbI don’t know about you, but I’ve used one of these gadgets far more often than I’d like. Ripping out stitches is not fun! But did you know that most of us use this tool the wrong way? Did you ever wonder what the little plastic ball is for? I didn’t. *blush*

Better Homes and Gardens to the rescue! Check out this short article and video that explain the proper way an “unpicker” should be used.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered how a sewing machine takes two threads and turns them into interlocking stitches on either side of a piece of fabric, here’s a fun little demonstration of a bobbin at work. So cool!

Fun & Funny


Eyebombing: Okay, I know that sounds violent and painful, but it’s actually a harmless prank that involves attaching craft store “googly eyes” to inanimate objects in public to make them look like faces. Sometimes the results are hilarious! I am not sure I’d have the courage to do this myself but I think it’s happy alternative to graffiti. (Discussion question: Would you consider this vandalism if it wasn’t done to private property? It’s cute and makes people smile but I suppose it’s a bit mischievous, too. Some people call it “urban intervention.” Hmm!)


See more examples here. The fire hydrant cracks me up!

Stubborn Carpet Fluff: John Branyan describes the battle we’ve all had at some point while vacuuming.

Even funnier, if you have about eight minutes, is his retelling of The Three Little Pigs in Shakespearean English. It’s brilliant!

I have lots more to share with you but I will save some for next week. 🙂 Please send me your favourite links, articles, videos, jokes, quotes, recipes, etc. and maybe I’ll feature some of them in future blog posts. You can email me at

As always, I look forward to your comments and, if you enjoy my posts, please use the little share buttons below! If you’re new to my blog, please have a look around.

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