8 Latin Phrases to Copy

When I shared about an art project I’m working on for my living room, a few of you told me you liked the idea of a hand-lettered quote to hang between the two floral designs. That presented me with a problem: How do I choose one quote from the dozens of favourites I have?

I started to narrow it down to short ones of three to seven words, but still couldn’t settle on one. I finally sketched out rest & be thankful but didn’t get around to working on the canvas.

Then, a few days ago, I was watching an episode of Hidden Houses and discovered the quote dum spiro spero. It means “While I breathe, I hope.” This came on the heels of being hit by news that threatened to steal my peace. However, God provided friends who spoke truth and grace and wisdom into my life and my hope remained intact. So when I heard dum spiro spero, I knew that’s what I wanted hanging over my sofa… a constant reminder that every day I am alive is a day I can have hope. Every day is a new opportunity to enjoy God’s blessings and use my gifts to bless others.

Here’s my first quick attempt just to see how it looks. I will likely redo it with bolder letters and some flourishes. I will eventually show you the final results once it’s all up on my wall (and that blanket is moved, since it doesn’t go with the summery florals).


I will admit I also like the idea of putting up a quote in Latin just to start conversations with visitors who will no doubt ask me what it means (or declare that they understand it, which would be fun!) So that got me thinking about other quotes that have that special ring to them in Latin. How do you like these?

Non Desistas. Non Exieris. (Never give up. Never surrender.)

In omnia paratus. (Ready for everything.)

Amor vincit omnia. (Love conquers all.)

Veritas numquam perit. (The truth never perishes.)

A posse ad esse. (From possibility to actuality.)

Cor ad cor loquitur. (Heart speaks to heart.)

Luceat lux vestra. (Let your light shine.)

There are many more, of course. Do you have a favourite Latin quote? Or tell me what your favourite non-Latin quote is and maybe we can figure it out in Latin! 🙂

Have a lovely Wednesday,




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