Celebrate Today!

I’ve learned that it’s foolish to wait for special occasions to celebrate or to expect external influences to make me feel good.

Every single day, every moment that we take a breath, is a reason to celebrate. Turning this day or this hour or this moment into an occasion is something I need to decide to do. It’s something you can choose to do.

(excerpt from my book Restore My Soul)

Today, I want to encourage you to find a way to turn this mid-winter Saturday into a celebration! Here are some ideas, but I’d love it if you added your own in the comments section:

  • Buy your favourite cake, add candles, sing “This Is the Day” (or another happy song) and then blow out the candles. While this would be a fun activity for a family, go ahead and indulge even if you live alone. 🙂
  • Dress up fancy, even if you have nowhere to go.
  • Think about your favourite moment of the day so far, even if it’s something small, and then pause long enough to commit it to memory, thank God for it and bask in its joy.
  • Buy flowers or a coffee for someone who wouldn’t expect such a treat. Explain that every day is an occasion and encourage them to celebrate today in their own way.
  • Block off 30 to 60 minutes to make a poster that says, “Make every day an occasion,” or, if you’re not feeling particularly artistic today, add your own embellishments to my doodle below. Click on the “BEFORE” image to download and print it. Use a fine pen or glitter markers or watercolour paints… just have fun! I’ve provided one example of how the phrase can be dolled up (click on it to see it bigger).
Occasion 1
BEFORE – Download and print this out and then embellish it your own way!


Occasion 2
AFTER – I love doodling… but you may come up with something completely different.

I’d love it if you came back and shared with me some ways you will make every day an occasion. Let’s inspire each other!

POM pigPOM snowmanAlso, don’t forget the creativity challenge I posted last Saturday. Here are a couple of examples of what you can do with the unfinished squares I provided. I flipped them upside down and then used PicMonkey to add some digital elements and create these cute images.


And here’s a sneak peek at a fantastic entry I received from Tina. (Her kids also put together two delightful storyboards, but I’m not going to reveal those just yet. So much creativity in one family!) 🙂

Let’s see what you come up with! (Don’t forget: There’s a book giveaway involved!)

Have a wonderfully creative Saturday! ❤



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