Doodle Challenge (plus giveaway!)

Ready to get creative? This exercise should be of interest to writers, illustrators and most other creative types. If there is enough response, I may create one of these on a regular basis… so please participate and give me feedback!

Here’s the prompt:



Either download graphic above and manipulate it on your computer or print it out. Then have some fun! Your creations can be silly, serious or anything in between. Tell a story, make ornaments, create abstract art, or do anything else that comes to mind. The point is to take something simple and turn it into something new and interesting.Β Click on the smaller image of the doodles on the rightΒ if you’d like to download the six frames on their own (without the wording).

And, in case you have trouble reading the text, here it is again:


Using any medium (computer, pen, markers, glitter, stickers, etc.), turn these six doodled frames into:
– six new completed pictures (faces, animals, scenes, objects, etc.)
– one large picture
– An illustrated story or comic strip (or three short ones)

Feel free to:
– draw outside the boxes
– cut the boxes out and rearrange them (or do so digitally)
– NOT do any artwork but write a story that somehow includes the six images
– write six separate stories about the doodles
– come up with your own idea!

I am excited to see what you all come up with! You can send me your final creations by email (, post them on Instagram (please use #pomdoodles and, if you don’t mind, tag me @AnnHovsepian), or share them in the comments section of this Facebook post.


To thank you for participating, I will compile all the submissions and, on January 27, randomly pick one… and then the artist it belongs to will receive a copy of my latest colouring book,Β Inkspirations for Breast Cancer Survivors! So please send me your projects by January 25 (and make sure to provide a way for me to contact you). That gives you almost two weeks.

If you have friends who might enjoy this creative challenge, please share this post with them! Or do this as a family or with your students or writing group. I will be posting this on Instagram as well (follow me here).

Okay, go have fun! πŸ™‚



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