Creative, Crafty Saturday

Hello friends and Happy Saturday! I love Mondays so I don’t usually get excited about weekends, but this week was a bit rough (heavy workload, sick loved ones, harsh weather (and a power outage on Monday evening), appliance delivery issues, and multiple deadlines breathing down my neck) so I’m kind of glad it’s Saturday (even though I won’t be resting).

I want to apologize, however, as I wasn’t able to finish putting together the post I had originally planned for today (a craft project). Instead, I’m going to share a few links to other great creative ideas I think you’ll love, and hopefully I’ll have something new and fun for you next week.

Before I get to those links, though, I want to present you with three wonderful entries to the Doodle Challenge I presented two weeks ago. The Rae family clearly has creativity and humour running through their genes. Take a look at these hilarious results! You’ll want to click on the images to see them full size and to be able to read the text in the comics.

Since Tina and her kids worked on this challenge as a family activity, I’m not going to choose a random winner but, rather, I’ll send a little prize package over to them to share. They’ll get a copy of my Inkspirations for Breast Cancer Survivors colouring book. . . and maybe a couple of other surprises. Thanks for participating, guys!


Okay, now here are a few suggestions for getting creative this weekend, either on your own, with your kids, or with a few pals:

  1. Dollhouse Notebook (I wish I’d thought of this when I was a little girl!)
  2. ollibird-olliblocks-540Olliblocks – Oh my goodness, these are so cute! I love the idea of modgepodging (is that a word?) them onto wooden blocks, but you could even just print them on card stock (or glue them to heavier cardboard) and let kids play with them as puzzle pieces (allowing for all the pieces to be used and seen at once). If you’re feeling artistic, why not create your own mix-and-match sets?
  3. black-glue-heart-art-project-1Black Glue Heart Art – This one is a bit more involved, so probably not a craft to do with kids.
  4. Valentine’s Day Art Project – A variation on the previous project that is more kid-friendly.
  5. Button People Key Holders – There’s no tutorial for this one. I just found the photo on Pinterest and saved it. It looks pretty simple! Key ring, buttons, a round wooden bead for the head, and yarn or embroidery floss to tie it all together.e04ffa5fd72bde0684b8f91c3af06635

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Thanks for understanding! Please come by again on Monday, February 12 (I need to take a one-week break), for some inspiring thoughts. And if you’ve got a favourite craft, whether challenging or simple, won’t you please share about it in the comments? Maybe another reader will enjoy your suggestion.

Have a great weekend,



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