Favourite Things Party

In January 2012, when I still lived at my parents’ place, I had six of my “sisters” from church come over for a Favourite Things Party. It turned out to be a memorable evening so I thought I’d share about it here as a suggestion for a creative event you can plan with friends, particularly if there are people who are new to your community or group that would appreciate a chance to get to know others better.

fav 8The idea is that everyone brings multiples of one of their favourite things, one for each other person who will be at the event (so if there are six of you, each person brings five of one item). You can put a cap on how much is spent if that’s a concern (and keep the group a manageable size). I bought copies of The Velveteen Rabbit, since that is one of my favourite children’s books.

As hostess, I also provided my favourite candies and treats, put out snowman napkins (my favourite winter motif), and sent everyone home with a goody bag with other favourite items (such as craft tape, snack-size bags of goldfish crackers, mint tea, hot chocolate, a list of links, bookmarks I’d made with a favourite verse, and the recipes for two of the desserts I’d made that night).


We started by playing two favourites-related games that helped us get learn fun things about each other:

  1. fav 1I passed out cards that asked the girls to write down their favourite Bible verse, animal, book, dessert and movie. I don’t remember exactly, but I think I may have read these out and had them try to guess who wrote each set of answers.
  2. Everyone had to grab a handful of M&Ms and then I pulled out a colour code. For each M&M of a certain colour, they had to tell us their favourite…
    • restaurants (red)
    • hobbies (blue)
    • foods (green)
    • stores (brown)
    • actors (yellow)
    • colours (orange)


Then we took turns giving out the favourites we’d chosen for each other, explaining why it’s our favourite, where to get it (or how to make it), etc. We all ended up with a nice pile of new things, including a tin of organic hot chocolate, a sparkly scarf, homemade cookies, chocolate, and a couple of other items.

Okay, now I really want to organize one of these again, but in my new home. 😀 Hmm, something to add to my to-do list. Ha! Are you going to try this, too? Let me know!

Speaking of favourites, check out my Pinterest board of all the things that make my heart smile. What are your favourite things? Please comment below, and if you have a similar Pinterest board, I’d love to take a peek, so share the link. capture20180227230812014

Hope your Saturday is creative. See you again on Monday!




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