Saturday Round-up

Hello, friends! After waffling a bit on the best types of posts to share on my blog, and on what days, I think I’ve finally sorted it out. For now, at least—ha!

I’ll continue to post inspirational / devotional / reflective pieces on Tuesdays, and Saturdays will now be a little like what I was trying to do with “Curated Wednesdays” earlier in the year… only simpler. I jot things down throughout the week—quotes, ideas, resources, etc.—but sometimes those notes are not enough to turn into an entire blog post. Compiled into a round-up, however, they may prove interesting. So, let’s give it a try today and see what happens. 🙂

Mother’s Day Colouring Page

In case you missed it, I’ve got a free colouring page for Mother’s Day on my Freebies page that you’re welcome to download and print and enjoy! (Or you can just click on the image below.)

Mother's Day

More on Manna

Remember my devotional about manna a couple of weeks ago? I stumbled across this morsel a few days ago that fits nicely:

“The children of Israel did not find in the manna all the sweetness and strength they might have found in it; not because the manna did not contain them, but because they longed for other meat.” (Saint John of the Cross, 1542-1591)

How often does God give us unimaginable blessings, and we don’t appreciate them because we’re longing for something different? And that reminds me of this C.S. Lewis quote:

“It would seem that Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.”

Bible Not-so-trivial Trivia

Did you ever notice that the shortest chapter in the Bible is not in the Psalms? Jeremiah 45 is only five verses long (compared to Psalm 23, which has six). But the last verse of this chapter really packs a punch! The exhortation reminds me of Matthew 6:33.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Adam vs. Jesus

At one of the Bible studies at church, we have been studying Paul’s epistle to the Romans. In the fifth chapter, there is a complex discussion about how humankind received death through Adam and life through Jesus Christ. I’ve studied this portion before but had never thought of this particular contrast between the two figures until our teacher pointed it out: One was tested in a perfect garden and failed; the other was tested in the wilderness and succeeded. 

Joy in Grumbling?

A few weeks ago, I caught myself grumbling when someone at Bible study, during the worship time, asked for a hymn by its title and everyone turned to me to provide the page number. Why can’t anyone else ever look it up in the index?, I thought. Still, being the pastor’s daughter and all, I did a quick search and called out the page number while I flipped through my own hymnbook. And then it suddenly hit me. OUCH!

The song that had been chosen was Joy in Serving Jesus. I couldn’t even look up a hymn number for someone without grumbling. How could I say I was serving Jesus with joy? Yeah. That one stung a bit. But in a good way.

Well, that’s it for today. Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely mothers reading this… and to those of you who, like me, have not experienced the joys of motherhood and would have liked to, or if this celebration is painful for you for any other reason, I send you a warm hug. ❤



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