Musical Amusement

Today’s curation is for all you lovers of music! Since I was a little girl and was introduced to Victor Borge, I’ve had a deep appreciation for the clever combining of music and humour. Musical talent is wonderful and good comedy has its place, but it’s hard to resist someone who can do both well. On that note (ha!)…

To start us off, we have some new musical terms by Tom Hurd, who explains: In order to keep you abreast of the ever-developing world of musical terminology, we provide herewith the latest additions to the esteemed Harvard Dictionary of Music…

My favourites are:

Those tiny mosquitos that bother musicians on outdoor gigs

The title bestowed upon the monk who can hold a note the longest

What an elementary school orchestra is having when it’s not following the conductor


It’s probably safe to say that Ludwig van Beethoven is my favourite classical composer (although Handel’s Messiah is undoubtedly my favourite oratorio). But I never realized how modern Beethoven was! (chuckle)

#classic #decomposing #treblemaker

Grant Woolard is, according to his YouTube bio, “a Northern California-based one-man production team who started making videos in 2010. His work includes playing piano with objects, singing classical music with Auto-Tune, mashing together national anthems, and other standard genres.”

I think he’s brilliant and love his two classical music mash-ups! For this first clip, he explains: I’ve woven together 57 famous classical tunes by 33 composers. How many can you identify?

The sequel to this, which blends 52 pieces, is here.

If you are really into the theme of humour in music, check out this article. It’s long but has quite a few gems in the mix.


In closing, here is something to make you go, “Awww!” This video is nearly five years old but it’s still a favourite. What could be cuter than a 4-year-old singing with her dad while he strums along on a pink ukulele? 🙂

I wish you a happy and song-filled day! Oh, and happy spring. Here’s a little doodle I whipped up last week to celebrate the arrival (finally!) of the new season.



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