Delightful Diversions

Facebook sometimes gets on my nerves, especially when the gremlins working behind the scenes decide to change things for no apparent reason. However, one feature I really like is the option to “save” posts. Whenever I come across a link to an article I want to read (or share) later, a funny story, a great quote, interesting research, etc., I add it to my Saved tab for future reference.

Curated Wednesdays on my blog seems like the perfect opportunity to dig into that collection and share some gems with you, such as these, presented in no particular order:


I just read this on a stranger’s blog: “Today, whilst I was driving, a speed camera flashed me. I was not over the speed limit, so I turned around and went past it again even slower, again it flashed me. Confused I did again, it flashed. Finding this funny, I drove past again at snail’s pace. Only later receiving four fines for no seatbelt.”

Writing Advice

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned one, you’ll appreciate this: 
I Talked to 150 Writers and Here’s the Best Advice They Had
by Joe Fassler.


Internet lies

I nabbed this from the Mikey’s Funnies Facebook page. If you like good, clean humour, follow this page or sign up for daily emails here.

A World of Languages


I have a thing for infographics, especially when they are beautifully designed. This one is simple but the information is truly fascinating. A couple of years ago, the South China Morning Post published this “map” of every language in the world and their respective number of native speakers by country.

Did you know there are more than seven thousand languages spoken around the world? C’est incroyable! (French is one of the four languages in my repertoire, by the way.)


El Arroyo

A Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin, Texas, has the funniest wayside signs! I am not sure why they chose the name El Arroyo (which means The Ditch), but they definitely know how to get attention. (I haven’t checked every single sign in the Facebook album, so if you come across anything inappropriate, I apologize.) A few of my favourites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seriously Awesome!

Here’s another infographic, one that takes me back many, many, many years to the brief period in my life when I was studying Chemical Technology in college. (Yes, I was a science nerd! Surprised?)

A brilliant guy named Keith Enevoldsen designed a handy periodic table that explains, in simple terms and with colourful visuals, what each element is and what can be made  from it (or what contains it). For example, zinc is used in brass instruments (I didn’t know that!), iridium is used in spark plugs and pen tips, and titanium is found in blue sapphires. Click on the graphic below to go to the main page, where you can either interact with the period table or download PDF versions (either with images or words).


Good and Faithful Servant

Right after this post went live, I heard about Billy Graham’s death. I’m popping back in to add a link to this interesting look back at his ministry. And here’s a lovely tribute to him by Thom S. Rainer.

Whew! All of that should keep you busy for a while. 🙂 Please let me know what your favourite item was in today’s post, and feel free to point me to more cool stuff!

Have a lovely Wednesday,




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