Don’t Throw Those Cards Out!

Christmas card balls

20180105_194721I’ve been collecting used Christmas cards for years! The uses for all that pretty paper are limited only by one’s own imagination. As you can see in the photo above, I’ve turned dozens of them into ornaments. That particular craft is a bit complicated and time-consuming so, if you prefer simple crafts, especially those you can do with your kids, here are some suggestions.

The most obvious, and simplest, thing to do is recycle them intoΒ newΒ Christmas cards. I always have a stack of blank cards on hand (you can pick up bulk packages at just about any craft store) and these make a great background for cards that I crop to size and then paste on, sometimes adding embellishments. I whipped up a few last night as examples.


This snowflake card already had a fun 3D effect so I just did a bit of cropping before I used glue tape to attach the original card to a blank white one. Then I added some rhinestones for extra bling. Easy peasy!


In this case, the original card looked dull on the blank brown card so I added a beige border using scrap card stock. Presto! A Gelly Roll glitter pen added some sparkle to the image. Next!


With this one, I thought the original card’s artwork was pretty but my blank card was much smaller. No problem. I cropped strategically and, in the end, I think the card looks better without the ribbon border.


This is also a great way to salvage your own out-going cards that you make mistakes on but don’t want to throw out, such as this cutie.

It didn’t take long–and cost very little–to create five simple cards that I can use next Christmas. If I’d taken more time, I could have used rubber stamps and washi tape or ribbon to really dress these up. (Sadly, I don’t have any photos on hand of the cards I made last year. Some of them were quite fancy!)


IfΒ  you make any recycled cards, I hope you’ll come back and share photos with me! πŸ™‚






Here are some other great ideas for repurposing old Christmas cards. . .

  • Turn them into funky Christmas trees! BasicΒ instructions here.Β (This one could be fun to play around with, using different shapes for the “discs” of paper.)
  • Crop them into small squares or rectangles, punch a hole in them, attach ribbon or string, and use them as unique gift tags.
  • Fussy-cut them into triangles and string them together to make colourful bunting. (This photo is from Pinterest but it didn’t lead to instructions. It seems simple, though.)

cute way to recycle christmas cards.

If you’re on Pinterest, I invite you to follow me (or whichever of my boards interest you). You’ll find me here. Crafters / creative types will especially like these sets:

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Retreat / Mission Trip CraftsΒ (these are great for groups)

Next Saturday, I will present a couple of fun prompts to get you to do some creative writing and / or doodling. Feel free to leave a comment below with requests for what kinds of creative projects or resources you’d like to see on my blog. I will consider all suggestions, even if I can’t make them all happen.

Okay, go do something creative today! πŸ™‚



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