What I’ve Been Up to

It’s hard to keep up with my blog when I’m juggling freelance writing assignments (and new-book publicity!) but here I am with a little update. Here are just some of the things that have been keeping me busy lately (in random order). In the absence of an inspirational article here, I hope you’ll enjoy the first two links!

  • My Creative Connections column at Choose NOW Ministries. Here’s my November post: The Gift of Creativity.
  • My Faith That Follows column in ChristianWeek. My November article: Worshipping in Truth.
  • I’ve been responding to requests to talk about Truth, Dare, Double Dare on Christian radio programs. Here’s one half-hour interview on the Gate Beautiful Radio Show on October 16. (Skip ahead to the 30:00 point for my part.)
  • I’ve been getting reading to speak at my church’s women’s meeting this Saturday morning (my topic is “Addicted to Busy?” – Ha! How appropriate!) and then, a couple of hours later, teach a Christmas craft at another church’s women’s meeting.
  • I’ve been keeping my Facebook page up to date (please do visit me there and “like” the page to enjoy all the fun we have there).
  • I’m starting to exercise and walk more, recognizing that after 42, it only gets harder to stay healthy and fit! (grumblegrumblegrumble)

Before I sign off, here’s a quote from my new book. Feel free to share it!

2 Cor 4_7



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