140 Drams – A Glimpse of Armenia

This is a beautiful but heart-wrenching short film about life in Armenia. It’s not exaggerated. When we have visited Yerevan and some of its suburbs and surrounding villages, this is exactly the type of situation we encountered again and again. Of course, not all Armenians live in poverty, but a great many do. The condition of this apartment building is just like many of the homes we entered.

I don’t share this so that you will pity people in Armenia, but to challenge you to consider whether you take some of life’s comforts for granted. I certainly do. Can we shake off some of our materialism and take the time to appreciate the priceless things in life: each breath we take, each flower we see, each musical note we hear, each hug we receive, each moment we’re given?

Please visit my Mission Trips page to learn more about my involvement with Armenia. (We return next Tuesday for three weeks.)

Source: 140 Drams from Oksana Mirzoyan on Vimeo.


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