MNO Giveaway Winner

On May 16, I posted a Mom’s Night Out resource packet giveaway. Ten of you entered (one couldn’t get her comment to show up in my blog’s comments so she posted her entry on my Facebook page).

Using an online random name picker, I have chosen the winner of the fun little goodie bag. And she is…

drum-roll-winnerJenniferย (a friend I haven’t met yet!)ย Woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

The only requirement to enter the giveaway was for participants to share something they appreciated or remembered about their mothers. Jennifer wrote about her mother June:

She loves Jesus Christ and raised all 5 of her children to love Him too by setting the example of seeking, trusting, and loving God. Her quiet time with the Lord is what left the biggest impression on me as a child and teen and even now, as an adult. On a personal level, she has been so present in my life and the life of my children – praying for us, doing for us, giving to us, spending time with us and just plain loving us! I love her so much and cherish her! My husband jokes that when the time comes for my Mom to be with the Lord, my sister and I will end up planting lawn chairs by her grave and spend lots of time there just being “with her!”

What a great tribute to your Mom, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing! I’ll mail your prize to you this week.

Thanks to ALL of you who participated. It was touching to read your tributes. Stay tuned for future giveaways!



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