What I’ve been up to

California dreamin’ is over and I’m back in Montreal and back to work. . .but not really back to my old way of doing things (at least I hope not). My time away, spent in thought-provoking workshops and deep conversations with a good friend, boosted my morale and helped me put certain aspects of my life, career and ministry into perspective. I’m excited about the possibilities up ahead and look forward to sharing more about them as they come to life.

In the meantime, here are a few things I can go ahead and tell you about:

1. Mission: Armenia 2014: We’re going back to Armenia this summer! My Dad and I were there last year for a three-week mission trip and God has opened the doors for us to return in August for another three weeks (we leave August 12 and return September 4). If you’d like to read about last year’s trip and see some photos, check out these three blog posts.

2. Project Horom: With the help of friends, we’re rebuilding a church in the little Armenian village that I fell in love with last summer. Read all about this project in our latest family ministry newsletter, on the second page. I can’t wait to see the project completed when we go back this summer! (You can also read a bit more about our mission trip on the first page of the newsletter.)

3d cover medium

3. Truth, Dare, Double Dare: My third (solo) book will be in bookstores this fall and is already available for pre-order from Amazon and other retailers.

Speaking of books, I’ve also got several ideas cooking for future projects and have already run them by my agent. The next step is to take a couple of those ideas, flesh them out and turn them into proposals. I hope to get that done soon!

Tomorrow, as promised, I’ll be answering the fifth and final question posted on my Facebook author page several weeks ago. Be sure to come back to see that!

[Edited to add: By the way, my latest blog post over at A Look at the Book is up today. Check it out!]

Finally, here is a selection of photos I took in California, some on Balboa Island and some at the Huntington Botanical Gardens. I wouldn’t want to live in California (I’m an East Coast kind of gal) but the flora was stunning. Enjoy!


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