You Asked Me! #2

Last week I introduced a new series of posts I’ll be sharing with you in the next few weeks. I’ve been given five questions and I’ll answer one each Wednesday. Here’s #2, from my friend Bob.

QA #2

Now, as someone who has “journalist” listed among my other professional skills, it’s very tempting to try and sound smart and give the impression that I’m on top of all the latest world news, but it wouldn’t do anyone any good for me to be less than honest.

I do try to keep up with current events to the extent that I need to as a somewhat intelligent, functioning citizen of modern society and one who writes about various topics, but I’m far from being a news junkie. Political issues, in particular, are not my strong suit, especially when world history is involved. This is just a matter of fact and who I am, and this is why I tend not to pick up assignments that require a good understanding of politics. I’m not passionate enough about politics to make the effort.

However, I’m very interested in following news about societal trends and issues such as media, education, family, youth, religion, consumerism, health, the environment, etc. Again, I’m not a news junkie but I try to stay informed so that I can have at least some basic information as a starting point when I write on various topics.

Hope this answers your question, Bob! Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll try to clarify my response.

Curious about next week’s question? “Who was the first person to inspire you to write a book? Or maybe it was not a person?” Good one! I’ll answer this next Wednesday but may post something else in the meantime if inspiration strikes me.

Until then, I wish you a blessed weekend, especially as some of you remember and celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection. If you haven’t read it lately, I encourage you to meditate on Isaiah 53 this week.



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