As much as I love to craft and doodle and sew and create, sometimes I need a little help getting started, some kind of inspiration or prompt to nudge my motivation level. It can be a little intimidating to look at a blank journal page or to rummage through your craft supplies (I have far more than I’m willing to admit) and then decide what you want to do. And yet I really want to spend time creating this year.

So, in early January, when my friend Elena posted about her participation in a Mama Elephant Challenge, I thought, “Hey, that’s what I need!” Without officially signing up, I decided to tag along and take the challenge, which was to design a greeting card using the colours in this photo as inspiration:

201401I should mention that I am NOT a fan of the colour pink. But that was partly what made me want to participate. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself a little. So I pulled out what little craft supplies I had in these tones and got to work.

After my first card, I thought, “Well, my supplies are already out. I might as well make a second one.” I ended up making four pinkish cards and then moved on to other colour schemes. Here they are. Some of the pinks look more purplish in the photos than they actually are. (I really need to get to know my camera better!)

You can click on the photos to see them larger.

Another project I’ve been having fun with is doodling in Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book, which I mentioned in an earlier post. I really wanted to post pictures of that today but this post has been taking me too long to put together, and those photos need a lot of organizing, so I’ll try to do that later next week.

Have a great day!


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