“Lead a Life to Be Followed”

The chorus of Mercy Me’s song Goodbye Ordinary goes like this:

“Live like there’s no tomorrow; love extravagantly; lead a life to be followed. Goodbye ordinary…” 

The first bunch of times I heard these lyrics, I remember focusing on the words “love extravagantly” and thinking that was such a neat expression! To me, it perfectly describes how God loves us, and it would be wonderful to be able to do the same — first toward Him and then others. I am fascinated by the idea of being so full of love that it just gushes out and makes me do unexpected, generous, kind, merciful things for others with no thought of the cost to myself. I need to pray that God will show me how to love the way He does…and give me the courage to love extravagantly.

One day, after listening to the song yet again, something changed. A different set of words jumped out at me: “Lead a life to be followed.” Wow! That’s another tall order, isn’t it? I had to ask myself: If someone is following my lead right now, what direction is she headed in? Am I leading him closer to or farther from Christ? How much are my words, actions, attitudes and choices affecting those around me? Would I really want someone following my example right now? If not, what am I willing to do about it?

leadThe truth is, we never know who is looking to us as an example. It could be one of the children or a visitor at church, the receptionist at your office, your child’s teacher or your closest friend. They may be watching how you treat others, or where you go after work, or what you spend your money on, or how much attention you pay in church. (YIKES!)

Are you leading a life to be followed?

May God give each one of us the desire to rise above our status quo (our current state) and lead exemplary, extraordinary, and extravagant Christian lives! 


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