5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Just for fun, I thought I’d share some current favourites. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them, too!

1. Maple Pecan Crescent Twists – This is a crowd-pleasing dessert that isn’t difficult to make. There’s a lot you can do with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and this one has been a hit every time I’ve made it. (I made some tonight for our ladies’ meeting at church tomorrow, which is why I thought of this!) Here’s the link. I notice they’ve tweaked the recipe from the one I clipped some years ago (for example, they now suggest less sugar, which is not a bad thing) and I haven’t tried this version, but I doubt the changes are significant enough to be noticeable.


A few options to consider: I use walnuts instead of pecans and, if you don’t like maple flavour, just use milk for the glaze (or even heavy cream, adjusting until you get a nice consistency).

A personal tip for quickly chopping the nuts: I put them in a zipper bag, seal it and then run over it with a rolling pin several times until the nuts are crushed. No appliances needed and no mess! For a larger group, just quarter these and you’ll have perfect bite-size pieces.

2. Secret Garden colouring/doodling bookFor the last couple of months, I’ve been feeling antsy about my creative hobbies. In the past few years, at various times, I’ve been passionate about art journalling, calligraphy, sewing, making greeting cards, drawing, painting, making hemp bracelets and the list goes on. But somehow I’ve been struggling to get back into my art journal lately even though I’ve had the urge to practice my doodling. I found the perfect solution in Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford. It’s glooooorious! I can colour in it, doodle in it or just gaze at it. It’s a lovely book and a perfect way for me to put pen to paper when I don’t feel inspired or courageous enough to start my own drawing.

Here’s an example of a “before” (I had just started a bit of doodling on the right page – my lines are the darker ones) and “after” (though I’m not sure I’m finished yet). You can click on the images to enlarge them.

I’m not thrilled with the flowers but I really like how the vines, leaves and flourishes turned out!


3. Steampunk artistry: Let me be clear that I’m not into the whole steampunk sub-culture (or lifestyle or whatever the proper designation is) nor am I interested in that genre of fiction. However, I am utterly fascinated by steampunk-inspired designs. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to this new interest (with additional explanation at the top of that page). Here is just one example of how beautiful steampunk artistry can be.




4. Inge Löök’s quirky art: A week or so ago I discovered Inge Löök and her hilarious but charming illustrations of “Old ladies” (as she herself refers to them).

Her subjects are fun-loving, gap-toothed, plump grannies who kick up their heels dancing, have tea parties under tables, build igloos and climb trees. Looking at them, you can’t help but think, “I hope I’m like that when I’m old!” 

Here’s a great spot to see Inge’s work up close.



5. Annie’s Organic Snack Mix: My go-to snack for a long time has been Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers. This week I tried a healthier choice (which a friend had suggested to me a couple of years ago but I’d forgotten about) and it was — surprise! — much tastier. The adorable bunny crackers don’t taste like cardboard and they’re quite cheesy without being very salty.

What I really love about this snack mix is the tiny bunny-shaped pretzels. Call me crazy, but I think they’re darling. 😀 Here’s a link with more information.

Well, that’s it for today! It was a busy week so I didn’t get a chance to write anything new but I’ll try to share something more inspirational next week.

Have a super weekend!


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2 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

  1. Fernanda Lueiza Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 1:44 pm Reply

    The Maple Pecan Crescent Twists were really yummy!! I think I´ll try the recipie. Thanks Annie 🙂

    • Ann-Margret Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 7:14 pm Reply

      You’re welcome! And if they don’t turn out great, I’ll give you a copy of my original recipe. (If they turn out BETTER, I’ll toss my original recipe… haha!)

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