Creative Girl – Part 1

I was delighted by the responses to the survey I posted a few days ago. The majority of votes indicated that you’re most interested in inspirational posts (personal anecdotes, devotionals, etc.) and creativity-related posts (my own artwork or tips and ideas). Based on those results, I’m going to go ahead and start sharing some of the projects I’ve worked on in the last few years.

I think of myself as aย craftista ordinaire. I love to dabble in art, calligraphy, sewing and other crafts but I’m not an expert in any of those areas. Still, people generally respond positively to my attempts so I enjoy sharing them.

Because my writing projects have taken up most of my time these past several months, I don’t have too many recent crafts or illustrations to show you. But I’ve picked out some of my favourites and created a Pinterest board that you can browse through if you’re interested (click on the image below). [Edited to add: I didn’t even notice that the postcard illustrated here features the same verse I shared in yesterday’s blog post! Coincidence? Probably more like serendipity.) ๐Ÿ˜€ ]

For now, I’ve concentrated on my art journals and illustrations. In a future post (Creative Girl – Part 2), I’ll share some of my sewing and paper projects.ย Thanks for your interest and encouragement! I know some of you are very creative, too, and I love seeing your work on Pinterest or Facebook.

Watch for a new blog post tomorrow, which will feature another art journal page and some thoughts about joy.



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